Geoff Banks

Geoff Banks – Consultant

What does your job role entail?

My job role as a Consultant revolves around advising and assisting both clients and staff when required. I specialise in all aspects of business management and growth.

For over 40 years I have been providing taxation advice, business development and succession solutions to private and corporate business clients, and my passion for this is as strong as ever. I enjoy sharing my professional experience with start-ups and all self-employed and owner managed businesses.

My desire is to see all my clients and team experience success and fulfilment so they can maximise their freedom.

What is your idea of freedom?

My idea of freedom is financial security and a quiet hour at the end of the day.

During my time away from the office, I enjoy gardening, decorating and looking after two cats.

What is your guilty pleasure?

The only ones I will admit to are red wine and whiskey liquor, though I don’t feel guilty. You could also tempt me with a sumptuous steak or cake.

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