Accountant for creative industries
Need an accountant for your creative, digital or IT business?

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SFB are specialists in this area and help many clients in the sector, such as IT, games, software, online education, graphic design, photography and dance studio businesses.

Creative industries is a modern and exciting industry which requires bespoke and up to date specialist advice. Working with SFB allows you to focus on what you do best, and we understand what makes your business tick:

  1. The crucial area of price and quoting
  2. Using the latest technology to get paid efficiently and draw more cash into the business
  3. The importance of efficiency and how to translate that into happier customers and generate more income
  4. Planning the future of the business over the coming periods of change

SFB will take care of your financial burdens, so you have a platform for growth.

To arrange a free no-obligation meeting to discuss how SFB can help you, whether this be at one of our premises, your office, or over a digital medium such as Skype, please contact us today on 03333 444 171 or